About Rick Parise

Rick  “Rick”  Parise is a writer and cartoonist who spent many years in Chicago pretending to grow up.  For twelve of those years he was a “student” at maximum-security facilities affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, where he was often relegated to solitary confinement for “trying to be funny.”   He proved, however, to be incorrigible and is still trying to be funny.  From Chicago he headed to the left coast and settled in the beautiful city by the bay, only missing the gold rush by a century or so.   Then,  after a sudden and inexplicable right turn,  he ended up in the land of Dixie.  Sadly, Dixie had already left, but in a stroke of good fortune, her sister, Trixie, was still there.  She has been a great source of inspiration.

Mr. Parise’s love affair with humor and cartoons has been long and deep.  Among his heroes are Groucho Marx, George Carlin, Charles Schulz, Gary Larson and Anna Nicole Smith.  His biggest dream is to appear in The New Yorker, but only if they really, really beg him.  His admiration for the single-panel gag cartoon knows no bounds.  It is there a cartoonist, in about seven seconds, can tell a story, make someone laugh, and deliver, with some luck, a little bit of art.